When it comes to wedding music, most couples spend their time focused on what will play at the reception. But the music that plays at your ceremony is equally as important! From the prelude (while guests are entering) to the processional songs, interludes, and recessional (after you’re married), you’ll want to choose music that speaks to you and sets the tone for your special day.

Here are three things to consider when selecting your wedding ceremony music.

  1. Choose between live or recorded music.If you’re having a DJ or Philadelphia wedding band play at your reception, there’s a good chance they’ll be available to perform during your ceremony, too. Typically, couples opt for a DJ to play the reception, which is more of a party vibe, and live musicians are a better fit to play the ceremony portion of your wedding. Plus, live musicians can adapt as events transpire — think the flower girl or ring bearer delaying your walk down the aisle — whereas recorded music has a specific cadence.
  1. Estimate your budget. If you hire someone to play music at your ceremony, it will be an additional cost to whoever will play your reception. With that in mind, know that the price can vary for live musicians depending on what they play, the size of the group, the location of your ceremony, and the time of year. Having a realistic budget in mind can help when you start researching musicians to play your wedding ceremony.
  1. Think about your interests. Sticking to what you like is the most important aspect of any wedding planning you do! The type of music you want to hear at your wedding ceremony should have the most significant influence on who you hire to play it. For example, you may love acoustic guitar sets and want someone to perform the song of your choice as you walk down the aisle. Or, maybe you want a pianist to play an instrumental version of your favorite love song during the wedding party processional. Go with what you love.

Hire a Live Band for Your Wedding Ceremony

If you decide you want a live band to play at your wedding ceremony, here are some more specific considerations to think about:

  • Venue — the size of your venue will help you determine whether you can fit a single guitarist or an entire string quartet at your wedding ceremony.
  • Guest list — if you’re only having 50 people at your wedding, a full band might be a bit much, but for a wedding of 300 people, a full band would be appropriate.
  • Style — the kind of wedding band or musicians you hire should fit the vibe of your wedding, so string ensembles pair well with formal events, whereas guitarists or keyboardists are appropriate for more casual weddings.

When you are ready to decide the entertainment that will perform at your wedding ceremony in Philadelphia, EBE is here to help. Learn more about our upcoming showcases.

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