With the coronavirus pandemic mostly behind us, newly engaged couples are looking to go all in on their weddings. However, going all in means different things to different people. Whether you’re planning an intimate outdoor gathering or the lavish wedding of your dreams, there are a few trends to look out for next year.

If you’re getting married in 2023, here are five ideas to incorporate into your big day.

  1. Candid photos. Over the past year or so, couples started to stray away from traditional poses in wedding photos. This trend is expected to continue in 2023. Instead, couples are opting for candid shots in natural light. This editorial style of photography allows for a more authentic memorial of your big day. If your wedding is less traditional and more casual, this is one trend you’ll definitely want to consider. You’ll be able to capture you and your guests having fun without the pressure of posing, and it’ll save you a ton of time!
  1. Hire a wedding band. Having a band play at your wedding isn’t new, but full musical ensembles will continue to trend in 2023. There’s nothing like live music to get your guests on the dance floor, and EBE is home to some of the best Philadelphia wedding bands. Whether you’re looking for something intimate, like a soloist, or a full band who can keep the party going, our music experts can help find the right musician for your celebration.
  1. Mismatched bridal parties. Like hiring a wedding band, the idea of allowing your bridal party to choose their own attire isn’t a new concept. However, in 2023, expect to see the variations in bridal party styles increase. Brides are no longer limiting their parties to specific colors or styles — many are allowing their friends to choose an outfit that speaks directly to them, welcoming patterns and textures in addition to varying silhouettes.
  1. Disposable cameras. What’s old has once again become new. In 2023, expect to see disposable cameras on tables and surfaces throughout wedding ceremonies and receptions. Like candid photography, disposable cameras allow your guests to capture unique images throughout the day. Plus, it gives you even more memories to reflect on, considering your photographer can only be in one place at any time. If you’re looking to save money, you can do away with a photographer and encourage your guests to use disposable cameras and their cell phones to curate your own wedding images.
  1. TikTok trends will dominate. In addition to these trends, expect to lean on TikTok for the latest wedding ideas. You’ll find everything from vendors to bridal style and bachelorette trip inspiration on the video-sharing app. Even when you’re done planning your wedding, you can expect song choices at your reception to stem from the app and may even find a guest or two filming TikToks during your big day. Ask them to share their creations with you so you can look back on these short, fun clips as well.

No matter how you plan to celebrate your wedding in 2023, these trends have one thing in common — individuality. After all, no two couples will have the same candid or disposable photos. And bridal parties can expand their choices beyond the traditional ones, leaving more room for unique options.