After you get engaged, the first question everyone asks you is, “when’s the wedding?” If your engagement came as a surprise, you most likely don’t have your wedding plans set in stone. And that’s okay! Wedding planning should be an enjoyable time where you and your partner can talk about what you do and don’t want to do at your wedding.

Many of the trends for rescheduled pandemic weddings were inspired by the need to be flexible and fun. Other trends were inspired by pop culture thanks to all our TV binge-watching and TikTok scrolling. If you’re newly engaged and in the midst of wedding planning, here are some ideas and trends you can look to for inspiration.

Make memories with exciting entertainment elements. After all the wedding postponements during COVID, your guests will definitely be ready to party when it comes time for your big day. Give them unforgettable entertainment by hiring talent from EBE, known for the best wedding bands and DJs in Philadelphia. Aside from the music, have a photo booth set up where guests can take candids with each other. The photos captured here are a great way to create a photo album for yourself and a memorable favor for your wedding guests. From psychics to performers and even cotton candy artists, there’s no wrong way to incorporate entertainment into your upcoming wedding.

Play with pretty pastels. If you’re thinking of having a spring or summer wedding, consider using lush, playful pastel colors. Let shades like sunflower yellow, sky blue, and mint green inspire your wedding decorations, including the invitations, floral arrangements, and uplighting on your big day. Other dreamy shades like sage green, mauve, blush, and lavender work wonderfully for warm-weather weddings. You can also work any of these colors into your bridal party. Mix pops of color into your groomsmen’s attire with pocket squares or bowties and dress your bridesmaids in these hues.

Throw a Bridgerton wedding bash. Pop culture constantly influences wedding trends, and Netflix’s Bridgerton is no exception. You can lean into the theme and have your guests come in period-appropriate attire or incorporate elements from the period piece more subtly into your wedding. Have your bridal party dress in Prussian blue tones and accessorize your venue with plenty of bows. Get creative with your seating chart and name tables after places and titles from the show, like the “Lady Whistledown Table.” You can also hire an ensemble to play classical covers of popular songs during your ceremony or cocktail hour.

Opt for a weekday wedding. Since so many couples had to move their 2020 and 2021 wedding dates, weekends in 2022 — and even 2023 — are booking up quickly. If you want to have a wedding in the next year or two, consider a weekday! Having a weekday wedding can help cut back significantly on costs, especially in the summer months when weekend wedding prices tend to skyrocket.

Go minimal where you can. Another emerging wedding trend is minimalism. Since life is stressful enough, people want their wedding planning to be a happy time! Many couples are embracing the less is more motto. Those who choose to get married outdoors are letting the surrounding nature be the decor. And some couples are doing away with physical wedding favors, opting to give their guests a parting gift of food or donating to a cause they support.

Are you inspired by any of these wedding ideas or trends? When you’re planning your wedding, EBE is here to help. Contact us today to see how we can help you with all the aspects of your wedding.

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