Your wedding day should be a memorable and magical celebration, and no wedding is complete without engaging entertainment. Most couples opt for a DJ or wedding band, but there are so many other forms of unique wedding entertainment that you’ll want to choose one as special as your love story. From classical to contemporary, these non-traditional options are sure to add a touch of elegance, excitement, and individuality to your big day. Unsure what’s out there?

Here are five unique entertainment options to incorporate at your wedding in 2023.

Acapella Groups. Are you a Pitch Perfect fan? Maybe you were in an acapella group in high school or college or simply like the art of making music with multiple voices. Regardless of why you got into the art, you can hire an acapella group to perform at your wedding. EBE offers acapella wedding bands in Philadelphia that can bring thick harmonies, deep bass, and percussion with their mouths! Our acapella vocalists can amplify your wedding event, whether they’re part of cocktail hour, the reception, or a closing performance at the end of the night.

DJ Violinist. If you’re looking for a wedding DJ in Philadelphia but want something a bit more than a traditional DJ, EBE has DJ violinists at the ready! When you hire a talented violinist who doubles as a DJ to perform at your wedding, they can cover the whole day from start to finish. Whether they play a violin set during your ceremony and then move into DJing your reception, or they play the melody along with the recorded tracks of your favorite songs, our DJ violinists can amplify any wedding. This option is ideal for couples working within a smaller budget.

Solo piano player. Do you want a classy performance to make your wedding extra special? A solo piano player who can cover a range of musical styles is the answer. Have them play at your cocktail hour to set the tone for the evening or throughout the reception — an ideal option for those couples who want something more subtle than what a traditional wedding band or DJ would play.

Piano and guitar. Another viable option for the couple who isn’t interested in having a wedding DJ is having a piano and guitar player perform at the wedding. Pairing piano and guitar together can accommodate any portion of your wedding, whether it’s the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or end of the night. You can choose whether you want acoustic guitar or an energetic electric guitar to pair with the piano, making the option completely customizable.

DJ and Vocalist. If you want a live performer at your wedding but don’t have the budget to invest in an entire band, having a DJ and vocalist perform is the next best thing. EBE’s talented DJs will play background music while a male or female vocalist sings the songs that you choose. A DJ and Vocalist combo will energize the night and put on a fantastic performance that leaves your guests talking.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose entertainment that represents your and your partner’s musical taste and style. When you provide unique entertainment at your wedding, like DJ hybrids or notable ensembles, you will create an unforgettable night for you and your guests.

When you are ready to make decisions about the entertainment that will perform at your wedding, EBE is here to help. Contact us today to find out more information about the best wedding DJs and live bands in Philadelphia!