Although guests hope for an open bar at wedding receptions, it isn’t always a feasible option for couples that are sticking to a budget. With a little know-how and creativity, you can create the ideal bar spread for your guests and your wallet.

Do a little math…

Before you make any decisions on what you plan to serve at your reception, you will need to take a look at your guest list and do a little math. To get a rough estimate of how many drinks each person is expected to have during the event, this handy calculator does the hard work for you!

Offer what you can afford.

Even though your Great Aunt Sally has a preference for top shelf liquor, it doesn’t mean you’re required to serve it at your event. Don’t feel pressured by your guests’ preferences, and offer the beverages that fit best into your budget.

Signature drinks are a big hit.

Choosing two or three signature drinks offer hard liquor to guests, but keep your budget in mind. Your signature drinks can match the theme of your event, the season, and can even represent you and your future spouse! For example, if you are hosting your event in the summer, consider a fruity cocktail and give it a catchy name that speaks on your relationship or the overall event.

Limit champagne to the toast.

It’s no surprise that many of your guests will want to drink champagne at a wedding. Only offering a glass during the toasts of the reception will satisfy guests enough if it isn’t in your budget to provide all night. Some couples even choose to skip it entirely and guests will raise their glass of whatever they happen to be drinking.

Think outside of the box!

Offering big batch cocktails in beverage dispensers are a big hit! Cocktails like sangria, bourbon punches, and boozy iced tea will win guests over in the warm months. In the colder months, consider fall versions of these cocktails by using autumn fruits, ciders, and spices.

All inclusive catering.

Some caterers offer alcohol within their catering packages, whereas others offer it as add-on options. Make sure all of the details of what exactly is offered is laid out in the contract.

Did these tips help you create a wedding reception bar that your guests enjoyed? If so, we want to hear all about your event! Contact us today!

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