They say that the devil is in the details and a wedding celebration is no exception to that. Covering all of your bases and ensuring that no stone is left unturned is part of what makes an amazing wedding reception. We’ve put together a list of details that your guests will absolutely love to help them feel comfortable throughout your wedding day.


Weddings are an emotional experience for guests, especially those closest to the married couple. Place tissue boxes or small travel packs of tissues strategically around the venue for guests to use when emotions are running high.

Paper Fans and Water

Hosting an outdoor summer wedding ceremony? Providing paper fans and bottles of cold water for guests during the ceremony will help to keep them cool.

Flip Flops

Wearing high heels can become downright painful after a few hours. Give the ladies a break by providing a basket full of flip flops they can wear while dancing the night away. They (and their feet) will thank you!


Hosting a fall or early winter wedding ceremony outdoors? Guests will need to bundle up to stay warm so providing them blankets will be appreciated. Go one step further and allow guests to take them home as a thank you for celebrating your wedding event.

Heel Protectors

If your ceremony will be held in a grassy area, it is a thoughtful idea to provide heel protectors for guests so their high heels don’t sink in the grass.

“Recovery Kits” for The Day After

An open bar with access to loads of booze can lead to a headache the day after the wedding event. Send guests home with recovery kit, which can be a fun DIY project!

Did you remember to include these details on your big day? If so, we want to hear all about your event! Contact us today!

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