Your first dance is one of the most significant moments that’ll take place on your wedding day. That means it should be fun for your guests to watch and, more importantly, special for you and your partner. Whether you’re considering sauntering around the dance floor lost in conversation or you want to do something more specialized, like a custom choreographed number, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Here are some of the pros and cons of choreographing your first dance.

Pro: You’ll create a lasting and romantic memory. As we said, your first dance is one of the most memorable parts of your wedding. Working on a choreographed dance number together can not only bring you closer during the process of planning your wedding — it takes a lot of practice! — but it can also create a unique memory you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Con: Choreographing your first dance can add to the stress of wedding planning. Putting on a wedding can be emotionally taxing, so if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by all of the other details planning a wedding requires, don’t add to that stress. Instead of choreographing a first dance number, which can take months of preparation and planning, do something simple so you can focus on other details.

Pro: Choreographed dances can save money if you do them yourself. Regardless of your dance ability, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to get your brain going when choreographing a wedding dance. You don’t necessarily have to shell out hundreds of dollars and hire a professional choreographer to help you, though that’s certainly an option if your wedding budget allows it. If you’re able, working with a pro dancer can save time planning your first dance; however, if you’re sticking to a strict budget, you can always choreograph your own dance with enough time, patience, and practice.

Con: Choreographed dances can look awkward if you’ve never danced before. Whether you work with a professional or choreograph your first dance on your own, the whole bit can look and feel awkward if you and your partner don’t have enough time to practice. This is especially the case if the dance is too complex. If you’re working with a professional choreographer, push back on them if the moves become too much. Similarly, if you’re choreographing the dance yourself, make sure to include moves you and your partner feel comfortable and confident performing.

Pro: You’ll give your guests something to talk about and remember. Typically, the first dance is only notable for the newlyweds. But when you perform custom choreography for your friends and family, that gives them something exciting to watch and talk about years later. If you’re worried about your wedding not giving your guests enough to talk about, a custom first dance will do the trick.

If you do choose to choreograph your first dance, you’ll want to have a conversation with your Philadelphia wedding DJ or wedding band to ensure they’re aware and it goes smoothly. In some cases, you may be able to book time with them to practice your custom dance number ahead of time, leaving less room for errors.

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