For most couples, their wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. Weddings require a lot of planning and are usually a one day event, so waste is inevitable. If you want to make an ecological impact on your wedding by planning a sustainable green wedding, look no further. We’ve put together ideas to help you plan an earth-friendly wedding. 

Choose A Central Eco-Friendly Location

One of the biggest impacts that a wedding can make on Mother Earth is the travel involved for guests. Choose a central location that is as close to as many guests as possible. Guests will appreciate a shortened travel time and reduced costs that may have otherwise needed an overnight stay at a hotel. Choosing a sustainable venue not only helps the environment, but it also supports local businesses. Consider reciting your vows and holding your reception at a local farm or garden. For our favorite Philadelphia-area venues to partner with, check out our EBE Venue Spotlights!

Buy Thrifted or Borrow A Wedding Dress

The sticker shock alone of a brand new wedding dress can be totally avoided by choosing to wear a dress that a friend or family member wore when they walked down the aisle. Thrifting a beautiful vintage dress and having it altered to fit is another sustainable option that helps save the environment and the green in your wallet. 

Choose Flowers Sustainably 

Finding flowers for your wedding can be equal parts sustainable and beautiful. If you live in an area where you can forage flowers, consider making a DIY flower crown or headpiece with your floral finds. If foraging isn’t an option, work with your florist to choose flowers that are in season and locally grown. A sustainable alternative to flowers is to use potted plants or lanterns that double as decor or favors.

Shop Small For Your Wedding Food

Supporting caterers that choose locally-sourced food that is grown and raised by local farmers helps keep your dollars within the local community, AND supports sustainable farming practices. Choose local brews crafted by your favorite brewery instead of buying commercially made beers.

Recycled Paper Products

Mailed invitations are considered the norm when it comes to notifying your guests of the wedding event. More supplies are moving toward using sustainable products to craft their invitations with recycled materials or tree-free paper. If you want to skip paper invites totally, there are websites available to help you build beautiful electronic invitations, such as Paperless Post.

Did these tips help you create a greener wedding event? If so, we would love to hear all about it! Contact us today!

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