Photos are one of the most important components of any wedding. After the day is over, the pictures from your wedding are some of the only keepsakes you’ll have to look back and remember the big day! As such, you’ll want to hire a professional photographer to capture the momentous occasion. But more importantly, you’ll want to provide your photographer with a list of must-have photos to take on your big day. Consider this must-have shot list for your wedding.

Close friends and family. Keep a running list of friends and family you want to have photos taken with on your big day. At a minimum, provide your photographer with their names so they can ensure they’re capturing pictures of you with the right people. If you happen to know what colors your friends and family are planning to wear to your wedding, even better! Providing your photographer with as much detail about the people on your must-have photos list will help them do their job with ease.

Small group shots. Aside from solo shots with your mom, dad, and best friend, group photos are also something to be considered. Do you want to get a picture with your extended family on your mom’s side? How about a photo with all of your college friends? Maybe you even reunited with a group of friends you took a vacation with and want to capture the reunion at your wedding. Whatever small group photos you want, make sure you tell the photographer and possibly even your wedding DJ. Your DJ can make an announcement when and where everyone from that crew needs to gather.

Your colleagues. If you’re inviting your co-workers to your wedding and want to mark the occasion, make sure to include a “colleagues shot” on your list of must-have photos. Have your photographer pull the people you work with to a designated area for a quick group photo at some point throughout the wedding reception to capture this memento.

The minute details. After months of planning, the minute details of your wedding tend to get lost in the sauce. Make sure you don’t forget any of the attention to detail you put into making your wedding special by having your photographer capture photos of every little accent! From the table centerpieces to the details in the wedding dress, bridesmaid gowns, groomsmen’s suits, flowers, and beyond, having photos of these details will help you feel like you’re reliving the big day when you look back on them.

Reception moments. These photos are going to be part of your photographer’s game plan. But make sure they’re capturing the moments you’ll want to look back on! Must-have reception photos include your grand entrance, reactions from your guests during the speeches and toasts, and shots of your wedding cake details. But don’t forget little moments like your guests mingling and interacting with each other — those often make for some of the best wedding memories.

We hope this wedding photo shot list inspires you to start your own list for your upcoming nuptials! Want to learn more about our EBE Team Members? Vendors We Love? New Products? Contact us today!