Etsy: dodidoodlesTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram basically run on Hashtags. Creating a unique wedding hashtag is all the rage within the land of social media. By creating a wedding hashtag, loved ones who couldn’t make it to the event can get updates in real-time and guests who do attend can post photos, which is always fun for the couple to see! The wedded couple can use the hashtag to document the planning process to look back and remember the incredible wedding journey.

What is a hashtag? It is a word or string of words that have the “#” in front of them. Once the post or comment is saved with the tag, it creates a hyperlink. If the hyperlink is clicked, then any other posts that have used the same hashtag in the past will show up in a search.

We have put together some ideas to help you create the perfect hashtag for your wedding event!

The easiest way to create a wedding hashtag is to is a free generator. A quick Google search will produce tons of results but there are a couple that we like best:

Wedding Wire’s Generator

Wedding Wire’s generator uses details like names, nicknames, the wedding date, the wedding location, and more to create a unique hashtag to celebrate the event.

Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding Hashtag Wall keeps things a bit more simple by using your names and date to create your hashtag.

Find a Freelance Hashtag Creator

Paying someone to make a hashtag may seem a bit unusual, but it is actually a popular decision that couples make as part of planning their wedding! Websites like Wedding Hashers craft customized hashtags for couples after answering a few simple questions.


Etsy: BigDayPrintsIf you choose to create your own hashtag, keep it short and sweet so guests can remember it easily. Guests should be able to snap a photo, then post it to social media with the hashtag easily so they can get back on the dance floor and enjoy the event. Also, double check that the hashtag hasn’t been used in the past so your photos don’t mingle in the land of social media with another wedding event.

Some great examples of unique hashtags are:

Lastly, don’t forget to post a few signs in high traffic areas around the reception to remind guests to use the hashtag when they snap and post photos to social media!

Did you use a custom hashtag for your wedding? If so, we want to hear all about it. Contact us today!

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