Succulents are teensy tiny little plants that are making a big impact on the wedding scene these days. They are making appearances in unexpected places like ceremony backdrops, cake decor, wedding invitations, and more! We’ve put together a list of some creative ways that you can incorporate this hearty little plant into your wedding day.

Wedding Bouquet

The floral star of the show is typically the Bride’s flower bouquet. Adding succulents to the bouquet brings drama, greenery, and texture. With hundreds of varieties of succulents, you will certainly find something to compliment your wedding colors and flowers. We especially love the dynamic contrast of reds and yellows paired with the green hues of the succulent plant.

Wedding Favors

A little potted succulent can make a big impact as a wedding favor for guests to take home! These hearty little plants prefer a dry climate, so even those with not-so-green thumbs shouldn’t have a problem keeping one of these plants alive. Include a “Care For Me” card with your plant so guests can keep their new little house guest alive for years to come.

Hanging Succulent Vases

Bring major style to your aisle by hanging vases filled with succulents and flowers on the chairs. Guests will love this personalized touch, as you can incorporate incorporate your wedding colors easily. This can be a fun DIY project for your bridal party to put together before the event!


Place Setting Decor

Subtle accents of succulents will add major appeal to your table! Place a succulent plant on the center of each folded napkin laid on each plate. This simple yet beautiful addition to your decor adds contrast and texture to the table.


Table Centerpieces

Skip traditional roses and add a taste of trendy flair by incorporating succulents into your table centerpieces. The texture and contrast provided by the succulents will add drama to your tablescape that guests will absolutely love.


Did you incorporate succulents into your wedding day? If so, we want to hear all about it. Contact us today!

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