You may think having a DJ or band is enough to get the party started at your wedding reception, but we’re here to tell you how to turn it up another notch with customized dance floors. Custom dance floors can show your personality, complement your theme, and give your venue a club-like feel⁠—if that’s what you’re going for. Additionally, customized dance floors can help set the tone as your event unfolds.

Wedding event production companies in Philadelphia often offer a variety of ways to spice up the dance floor. Here are five of our favorites.

Over-the-pool dance floors. If your event space has a water feature like a pool, opt for an over-the-pool dance floor. With clear acrylic flooring, you can instantly transform the event space into an epic dance arena, giving your guests a memorable experience from the start.

Pattern wash your dance floor. Pattern washing is one of the easiest ways to transform any space. The right lighting can instantly transform your dance floor into a dramatic stage. From colorful lights to scenic designs and patterns, a pattern wash on your dance floor can capture the essence you want to evoke. At EBE, our knowledgeable event technology professionals are outstanding at on-site logistics, including CAD schematics, floor plans, equipment specifications as well as lighting, sound, video support, draping, and more. We can light up any dance floor anywhere.

Use area rugs to make anywhere a dance floor. If your event is outdoors, area rugs are a great way to designate where the dance floor is. Multiple throw rugs scattered on the ground can easily create the ideal dance floor for events with a rustic or bohemian theme. Make sure you try and find rugs in colors and patterns that complement the overall color scheme of your wedding.

Make the dance floor a destination. If you’re looking for a custom dance floor that’s going to encourage your guests to get out there and bust a move, add a must-see element to the dance floor. From neon signage to globe lights, disco balls, paper lanterns, and even indoor fireworks, these unique features incorporated into your dance floor will capture your guest’s attention throughout the entire event.

Purchase a custom floor wrap. Custom wraps are a viable option if you’re looking for a way to make your dance floor unique. You can have coverings made that depict anything, so the sky’s the limit! But it is best to choose something meaningful to you and your partner and ensure it matches the other elements of your big day.

When you are ready to decide on everything wedding-related, EBE is here to help. Contact us today to see how we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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