Writing your own wedding vows adds a personal touch to your wedding ceremony. Traditional vows are lovely, but there is something so romantic about a ceremony with personalized vows. That being said, writing your own vows probably won’t come naturally for most people!

Writing from the heart is a totally different experience than writing a high school or college essay in the middle of the night before the due date. Your graded written words are important, but don’t hold as much value as your wedding vows in the grand story of your life. We are naturally our own worst critics and, because this writing of love and devotion isn’t easy, we have put together a list of our top tips to help you write the best wedding vows possible.

  1. Think About Your Relationship

Before you even put pen to paper, think about the relationship that you have with your love. Paint a picture in your mind about what it really means to you. Think about the story of how you met, and what you’ve accomplished – separately and together. Think about where you have traveled and what you’ve experience together. This storied past should help inspire your vows.

  1. Quotes Are Helpful Inspiration

The internet is full of websites that are nothing but quotes dedicated to love. If you prefer not to include a direct quote in your vows and would like it to be 100% original, no problem. A simple quote can bring thoughts and emotions to the forefront of your mind, helping you take that pen to paper. The words will spill onto the page before you know it.

  1. Talk With Your Fiance Often

A healthy part of a relationship is to be able to connect emotionally on a deep level. Talk openly about how you feel with one another and what your relationship means to you both. Discuss what makes your relationship unique, and talk about the past, present, and future with one another. Frequent conversations can help with inspiration for your wedding vows.

  1. Avoid The Bad Things

Humans are imperfect creatures. As a result, hiccups may happen in relationships. Keep the negative out of your vows – this is the first day of your married life and you want to step into it on the right foot. Avoiding phrases like, “it wasn’t always easy” or the like are a surefire way to make your fiancé and your guests don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The first time that you recite your vows out loud shouldn’t be in front of the love of your life. You should practice standing up in front of a mirror and reading them out loud. Doing so is always the best way to avoid awkward sentence structures, overly long sentences, or words that may trip you up as you speak.

We hope these tips help with writing your wedding vows! We would love to hear all about your wedding plans, so contact us today!

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